New & Full Moon
Dance Meditation Journey

An Intuitive Dance Meditation Journey for new & full moon rites.

Join me on the New & Full Moon of each month! I launched the New/Full Moon Dance Mediation Album series this January (2022). This is a global healing and meditative dance event in your home or wherever you wish to be and whenever you wish to do it! Join together in one mind and spirit dancing in harmony to bring about our own healing and the world around us.

Intuitive Dance guides the practitioner into a healing experience. As you release expectations on your body you will move with ease and your body will release itself to have a full healing experience. The voice can also be added to help release tension and pain in the body. Let the music guide you into an ecstatic experience you will want to repeat as a daily practice.


 In this work, I combine my love and passion for dancing and music together with Vocal Alchemy. Each compilation is channeled to bring together the right mix of sounds and Vocal Alchemy for a magickal and healing experience. 

FULL SNOW MOON 2022 - V2.jpeg
New Moon In Aquarius  - Walk With Me.png
Full Moon Dance Meditation 1.png
Jan 22 New Moon Album Cover.png
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