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New & Full Moon
Dance Meditation Journey

An Intuitive Dance Meditation Journey for new & full moon rites.


Truth be told, I originally  launched the New/Full Moon Dance Mediation Album series this January (2022). The idea is to provide you with  a global healing and meditative dance event in your home or wherever you wish to be and whenever you wish to do it! I will produce these albums when the spirit moves me to do so. 

Intuitive Dance guides the practitioner into a healing experience. As you release expectations on your body you will move with ease and your body will release itself to have a full healing experience. The voice can also be added to help release tension and pain in the body. Let the music guide you into an ecstatic experience you will want to repeat as a daily practice.


 In this work, I combine my love and passion for dancing and music together with Vocal Alchemy. Each compilation is channeled to bring together the right mix of sounds and Vocal Alchemy for a magickal and healing experience. I've created this music to be affirmative, thought provoking and ecstaticly pleasing to the body and the ear.

My music production process:

Welcome to my perfectly, imperfect world of making amazing music for you to dance, relax and meditate to! When you listen to these albums please keep in mind that they were not recorded in a professional recording studio. I have a professional mic, and my Macbook Air. I sometimes record in my pyramid or even IN THE BATHROOM! Lol! I use GarageBand to record organic sounds I make with my body and other natural instruments. I am always creating in the moment and on the spot. So, what you are getting is a raw recording of me body, mind, heart and soul. One day, I will have a professional studio to record in. AND, you can help me make that happen by purchasing my music if you are truly enjoying it. I'll soon have my very own music streaming app too, so that you have the option to listen on the go and in the moment! I'm really looking forward to that because, well... downloading music isn't popular anymore. I'm just doing my best to work smarter not harder so I will have more TIME to make a living doing what I love and that is being an energy healer, music maker and free spirited artist. I want to keep all of my profit for all of my work and not give most of it away to companies who are currently making  millions on the backs of hard working artist who struggle to make ends meet. I support the movement for artists to be self sustaining and independently successful and that starts with me! So, if you love what I'm doing, support me with a purchase! I am a full time, professional artist.  

New Album Coming Soon! 
Other Healing Meditations by Tamara Zenobia
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