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Vocal Sound Healing Meditation

This is a Vocal Sound Healing Meditation for the Healing of COVID-19 and its varients. You can use this meditation regardless of vaccination status. It is for everyone of all ages.


This meditation works by Sound Frequency patterns from the Human Voice. You will enjoy a relaxed state of mind and body as your body heals itself from the COVID-19 virus. This meditation will assist you in the healing process that is naturally happening in your body and to boost your immune response. 


How to use this Meditation:

  • This meditation is best used either in morning just after waking or in the evening just before bed. 

  • Be in a comfortable position and in a location where you will not be bothered.

  • Head phones should be worn.

  • Maintain a volume on your device that is comfortable for your ears as some sounds will be loud.

  • Listener should not be driving or operating tools or equipment when listening to this meditation. 

This meditation is awesome and I know that you will enjoy it. I'd love to hear your feedback. Share your healing story with us.

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