Inner Guidance

healing arts studio & gallery

Movement Lab, Sound Healing Studio, Art Gallery 


Inner Guidance Healing Arts Studio and Gallery, owned and operated by Tamara Zenobia, is a magical and creative space devoted to the exploration of the human potential in the areas of physical, mental and spiritual healing via the inner compass of intuition. The mission of Inner Guidance Studios is to serve Seattle and Pacific Northwest community who are interested in expanding their awareness and developing their intuition in a way that will enhance healing within the body, mind and soul thus improving individual well being that will then expand into the community and beyond.  The name, Inner Guidance, came about because truly, all of the answers we need are within each of us if we are willing to look, listen and act on the that guidance. 


Inner Guidance will offer a variety of fun and interesting events including community sound baths, private sound healing sessions, intuitive readings, classes, workshops and performances. Please read below for current offerings. 

Services & Offerings
Sound Healing/Vocal Alchemy
Image by Magic Bowls
 Movement Lab
Psychic Consulting
Fortune Telling Cards
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Temporarily. Yes. Life happens and transitions take place and so it is with me at this moment. However, I will be back. I don't know when but I will keep my website up to date and if you subscribe to my newsletters I will keep you posted monthly as to my upcoming events, classes and offerings.