I was born and raised in Alaska where I lived most of my adult life. Today I am an intuitive artist, working through the mediums of, vocal sound healing, music, dance and visual arts. I have come to this path after many years of running from this inevitable calling of artist and healer. I say that because for so long, I thought I could not be an artist and that I had to work super hard at a "normal job" and go to school and get a degree in something that would earn me a decent living so that I could eventual do the things that I enjoy. In fact most of the time I had a full time job, sometimes I had two or three jobs and I went to school with a goal of eventual becoming a biologist with ambitions of working in the CDC. I had a plan and a plan for that plan and so forth and so on.


In all of that time I finally discovered that I just couldn't do it. Not only couldn't but I didn't want to do it. It was not me. I did not want to sit down in a classroom all day.  Even at work I'd be looking out the window wondering where everyone was running to and from during the day.  Through a series of events; leaving Alaska, moving to Bellevue, WA, getting married, then divorced... its a long, long story..., I became aware of my intuition. It had been working through me in my dreams for a while, but I did not realize how much I had been following this guidance. This gift was further stirred as I became affiliated with church and began realizing on a daily basis in my waking life, that  I was being guided in a profound way. This guidance took me all the way to Paris, France where I lived for over 5 years. While living in France I was able to deprogram. It was while living there that I came to accept my calling to become a healer and accept and approve myself as an artist. It has not been an easy journey but looking back I can see that it was well worth the struggles and the effort to be where I am today.  

In January 2012 I set out on a cross country journey which I titled "The Journey of Remembrance". The point of this journey was to be alone and get quiet and closer to my inner Goddess and remember the story written in my DNA of my abilities, and my purpose here on this earth. I just had this idea that so many people speak about faith and trust but we don't often actually allow ourselves to experience this "Profound Trust" that is so often discussed. I wanted to be divinely guided with really no plan as to what or how things would go on this journey. So with $140 and a little mini van which I intended to live in and very little supplies I set out on a journey to Asheville, NC. I never made it there. My experience took me through the WA coast, Oregon, California and finally the magical Tucson, AZ where I stayed for over a year and half. In this journey I learned so much about myself. I developed my skills as an intuitive and a healer and learned to trust my gifts more and more. 

Describing my work and what I do:

I work with people, helping them to develop their intuition to heal themselves body, mind and spirit through the power of their very own voice, "Vocal Alchemy". My work is really focused on the intuitive self and getting the answers from within. My methods are grassroots and non traditional. I believe the answers we all need are right inside of us. You have a master and it is your own unique self.

My work involves not using any sure and fast methods and ways of heal, but learning to tap into our own intuitive knowing to access the vast resources we have within us.

Hasn’t anyone ever taken a class with a renowned “guru” or teacher only to learn that you actually somehow already intuitively “knew” what they were teaching? Learning to use our intuition doesn’t mean we don’t need a guide to help us with our process and to learn to grow in trusting this inner source, but so often I find that we give up our own intuitive learning to memorize theories and concepts that someone else is teaching as “THE WORD” on a particular subject, when the truth is that there are many ways for us all… and no one way is THE right way. Teaching and learning has its place, don’t get me wrong. But you decide what that is for you. My desire is to inspire people to access their intuition and use it more frequently and more boldly than ever before. In this way we finally get to become THE source and authority on ourselves, body, mind and spirit. After all there is only one YOU and who can know you better than you?

In a word, I know that buzz phrases like, “learn the secret…” and “the 7secret mysteries…” are catchy but that’s not what I do… in this vast, wide, universe how can there only be 7 ways…? How did our most profound and epic teachers learn what they knew? Through spiritual guidance and intuitive learning. The universe is our teacher! The very fabric of our being (stardust) is OUR teacher… and the learning and ways are infinite. So, I do not teach the Chakra’s I do not teach you things to memorize and recite. I teach you to go inside and listen to your body. Listen to the trees, listen to the atoms and the molecules that surround you. These things have a language and they can speak to you in yours.


How did I come to be a "Vocal Sound Healer"?

My story as a vocal sound healer began in a dream while I was living abroad in Paris, France. One night I was visited in dreamtime by three beings who taught me while I slept. Upon waking, I was amazed at the clarity and precision of the dream. I knew that it was real and it was something I was absolutely meant to do. I asked my spirit guides what I should do with this vision, feeling that I had no experience or training beyond the experiences in dream time, and what I heard and felt so deeply was that I should simply “Go and do it!” Since then I have been on a long road of personal growth, self realization and healing as well as practice and learning from others who have traveled the same healing and teaching path. 

My Mission & Purpose:

There will always be so much more to live and to learn beyond what we believe we already know about ourselves and the world around us. As an intuitive vocal sound healer and artist, my mission is to help my clients open themselves up to their own self healing abilities by the use of sound through by cultivating a deep inner knowing and energy work so that they may achieve a complete healing of the body, mind and spirit. In this way they may continue on in their life journey with clear and open minds, ready to receive and achieve to their maximum potential.

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