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Credentials & Background:

  • Founder of Butterfly Jazz Intuitive Arts LLC

  • Owner & Founder of Inner-Guidance Healing Arts Studio & Gallery 

  • Vocal Alchemist/Sound Healer

  • Improvisational Storyteller & Performance Artist

  • Kundalini Yoga Coach (Trauma Informed) 

  • Pranayama Breath Coach

  • Yin & Restorative Yoga Teacher

  • Ordained Animist Minister @Web of Life Church

  • NLP Practitioner Coach

Greetings. I am Tamara Zenobia, the ancient and amazing Goddess brought to earth to share my gifts as a healer and energy alchemist. It's been such a long journey in this earth body but I'm so thankful for all that I've learned and I am ready to share my lessons with you! 

How did I come to be a "Vocal Sound Healer"?

I've always been gifted in spiritual things. For many years I could see, feel and hear beyond my physical experience. It has always been a natural part of my existence. My story as a vocal sound healer began in 2010 in a dream while I was living abroad in Paris, France. One night I was visited in dreamtime by three beings who taught me while I slept. Upon waking, I was amazed at the clarity and precision of the dream. I knew that it was real and it was something I was absolutely meant to do. I asked my spirit guides what I should do with this vision, feeling that I had no experience or training beyond the experiences in dream time, and what I heard and felt so deeply was that I should simply “Go and do it!” Since then I have been on a journey of personal growth, self realization and healing as well as practice and learning from others who have traveled the same healing and teaching path.  

My Mission & Purpose:

Friends, my earth mission is to assist folks in opening themselves up to their own intuitive healing abilities. This happens by cultivating and then practicing the deep inner knowing within so that one may achieve a complete healing of the body, mind and spirit. 

Describing my work and what I do:

My work is really focused on the intuitive self and getting the answers from within. I believe the answers we all need are right inside of us. Yes! We have a Master Teacher and it is our very own unique self and we will meet that Master when we learn to tap into our own intuitive knowing to access the vast resources we all have within. The universe, too, is our teacher! The very fabric of our being (stardust) is OUR teacher… and the learning and ways are infinite.


When you work with me I will not be teaching you things to memorize and recite. I teach you to go inside and listen to your body. Listen to nature, listen to the atoms and the molecules that surround you. These things have a language and they can speak to you in yours.

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