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Alaska born Vocal Alchemist, Improvisational Storyteller & Performance Artist, Tamara Zenobia, brings a unique artistic philosophy to her work and that is to hone the gift of the intuitive and improvisational artist/healer within each of us. 

Tamara lived 5 years abroad in Paris, France where she trained privately with vocal instructors in the areas of opera and jazz. Tamara's experience includes singing in gospel choirs in the U.S. and abroad including, Martin Luther King Choir in Anchorage, AK, The American Church Choir in Paris, France, and the Taliesin Choir at the Frank Lloyd Wright Institute in Scottsdale, AZ.

Tamara is the owner and founder of Butterfly Jazz Intuitive Arts LLC. Tamara performs and gives workshops, classes and privates healing sessions, which she offers both locally, and internationally.


Tamara combines the elements of Vocal Alchemy, percussion, electronic music and other world instruments to create a very authentic sound that is all her own. As an Improvisational Storyteller she craftily weaves divination, vocal alchemy mastery, song and spoken word into her performance to create a very eclectic mix of groovy sounds and hypnotic beats.


As a visual artist Tamara creates metaphysical works of art that can heal its viewers. Her work is a combination of mixed media pieces, acrylic paintings, photography and wood carvings. She creates on whatever she feels moved to create on; cardboard, canvas, wood, particle board etc. Each piece I create is an energetic healing energy piece. The intention of her work is that when it is consumed it causes healing to the viewer in whatever area they need the healing. 

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