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60 Minute Session $175

Psychic Consulting for people is a great pleasure for me. It is a way for me to connect with people and help them to find their deepest innermost selves. I work with Individuals, Businesses and Government Clients. My work is vast and unique and I consult my clients in matters seeking a wide range of services, from life changes like death, birth, career shifting to missing persons, paranormal and galactic matters. 

What I do is whole heartedly intuitive. I do what is needed and necessary for my clients in the moment. I have a wide range of abilities and tools at my disposal to help you in whatever it is you need to uncover. If there is something I cannot do or won't do, I will be very clear and tell you..."I can't/don't do that."

What to expect and how to prepare for your session:

A session with me is a sacred, spiritual and metaphysical manifestation. Here are a few things that will prepare you so that you have a good experience:​

  • It is important to be clear and present for your reading. Abstain from mind altering substances such as alcohol and marijuana at least 24 hours before the reading.

  • It is also good to be hydrated and well rested. Depending on what you are seeking a session can be energetically taxing. Especially when working through very difficult things. Being mentally and physically prepared will help you to integrate the healing messages that are delivered during the reading and make the best use of them when the reading is over.

  • It is a good idea to take notes during your reading. There may be things that come up during the reading that you will want to ponder on later.

  • Lastly, come with an open mind. If you are new to the idea of getting a reading and have never had one things may come up that challenge your beliefs. Having an open mind ensures your time will be well spent. You can leave and put things in proper perspective as you ponder on what was discussed during the reading later.

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 Some of you may be Starseeds, Rainbow Children, Healers and Galactic Warriors and we are in a season of great change. Let's work together. If you require assistance navigating this new world we are creating and a place to practice your super powers or just a place to find support, this is it. Start with a reading and from there we can work together to find out where your gifts lie and how to develop them.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

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