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Vocal Alchemy Meditations
Molecular level healing for every day needs.

My Vocal Alchemy Meditations provide the life-changing benefits of brain optimization and deep meditation. Listen to them when you feel the need and experience the many healing benefits for mind, body and soul.

How to use these meditations:

  • Be in a comfortable position and in a location where you will not be bothered.

  • Head phones should be worn.

  • Maintain a volume on your device that is comfortable for your ears as some sounds will be loud.

  • Listener should not be driving or operating tools or equipment when listening to this meditation.


COVID-19 Vocal Sound Healing Meditation

10 Minute Gentle Relaxation Meditation

20 Minute Sound Sleep Therapy

30 Minute Deep Relaxation Meditation

Meditation Pack.jpeg

Sleep Therapy & Stress Management 3 Pack

Click each album for details and audio sample


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