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Tamara Zenobia

Vocal Alchemist, Healer, Medium & Performance Artist

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Become an Affiliate

Promote my music and meditations and recieve 25% of the sales. Purchasers save 10% when they use your code.



  • Send me an email to: and let me know you'd like to sign up to be an affiliate.

  • I will send you an email with a discount code which you give to your social circle.

  • When music is purchased using your discount code sales will be tracked by the code. At the end of each month your totals will be tallied and sent to you on the 5th of the following month via your preferred method of payment.

AND WAIT! Theres more!

Reach a milestone in sales and receive incentives.

  • Sell 200 downloads and get 1 free reading or Vocal Sound healing Session.

  • Sell 500 downloads and I'll read at your next party or friendship gathering

  • Sell 1000 downloads and get a live Vocal Alchemy performance.

Enjoy Music and Meditations produced by Tamara Zenobia and become and affiliate marketer.
Where to purchase my music and meditations?
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