"It was a calming, inclusive experience. I learned to heal with my voice, and to understand why I often feel like I'm invisible, and have no voice. I felt joy and confidence at the end of the workshop."

Shamanic Healing Voice Workshop

Tucson, AZ

"It sounded different so I decided to try it. I am glad I did and have told several friends."

Sound Healing Client

Tucson, AZ

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"Dear Tamara, I attended a sound healing session with you at the Synergy Shamanic Healing Arts Clinic last weekend.  Thank you so much for what you gave to me during that session!  You connected very deeply with me right from the beginning, and then the most amazing, beautiful, and powerful sounds came out of your body, and out of our connection.  Immediately after this release I felt a sense of calm and peace within.  Then you very gently and matter-of-factly told me what you saw as you looked into me.  This deeply met a need I had for clarity about myself and my interactions with other people in my world.  I felt relief and confidence in myself.  I also received very personal and practical advice, which I have followed in the days since.  This advice has proven to be extremely useful, and it has changed my life for the better already! Much Gratitude."


Tucson, AZ