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Vocal Alchemy & Vocal Sound Healing

"There's no organ system in the body that is not affected by sound, music and vibration. You can look at disease as a form of disharmony" 

Mitchell Gaynor 

..a few of the many benefits of sound healing:

  • Improves sleep

  • Stimulates endocrine glands and regulates hormones

  • Calms pre-surgical and postoperative stress

  • Helps relieve stress and anxiety & PTSD

  • Provides a deep state of relaxation

  • Increases energy, creativity, intuition and motivation

  • Corrects imbalances in the energetic body

  • Chronic Fatigue / Fibromyalgia

  •  Muscular ailments

  • Depression

  • RNA/DNA activation

  • Vibrational acceleration​​

          and more...

A History of Sound Healing

For thousands of years, cultures throughout the world have known that sound has an effect on states of consciousness and the physical body. Native and aboriginal cultures all over the world have long understood the nature of sound as a portal into other worlds and way of deep inner healing.

What is “Intuitive” Sound Healing?

I believe that everyone is intuitive and has the ability to heal themselves. Intuitive healing of any kind is really being able to reach inside ourselves and listen to our bodies. When we connect with spirit we can receive knowledge beyond our reason, logic and understanding that will help us to heal.  With time and practice, we can regain the use of these abilities within ourselve


Sound is vibration and vibration, as proven by modern science but known by the mystics of old, touches every part of our being. Sound is not just something one hears but is felt throughout every cell of our bodies. Sound healing has been proven to bring about enhanced states of well being, be it emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. Therapists and clinicians the world over are incorporating sound healing therapies into their practices more and more.  


Effects of Sound healing & toning

It has been proven that gongs, singing bowls and tribal drumming are a powerful source of rhythmic vibrations. These vibrations resonate throughout the body and stimulate the alpha and theta brain waves associated with deep meditative and peaceful states. Through the use of these instruments brain waves and cells are synchronised and balance is restored.


Of all the sound healing tools available to us today, the human voice remains one of the most powerful instruments for healing and transformation. One way we can use our voices to heal is through toning. Toning helps to rid ourselves of old patterns of physical, emotional and mental limitations so that we can fully receive from spirit and embrace our full healing potential.

What to expect in a Vocal Sound Healing Session?

Before the session:

It's a good idea to get a good night's rest the night before your appointment. Be sure to be well hydrated too. Feel free to jot down any questions and thoughts you have in regards to the session and bring that with you. 

During the session:

Each session is 1 hour long. I will consult with you about any questions you have regarding your current state of health and what you would like to accomplish during our session. I will scan your body intuitively and let you know what I feel and sense from my scan. Once your immediate questions have been addressed I will begin your vocal sound therapy. You may feel and experience different sensations in your body and mind during this process. Do not be alarmed, it is perfectly normal. Once the session is over you will still have the opportunity to ask any questions about your experience.

After a session:

Whatever needs to surface and be addressed in the mental and emotional body will show up, so that it can be released. This can happen immediately or the process could take days or weeks. It is common for clients to report energetic shifts within the physical, mental and emotional bodies, symptoms of imperfection, i.e. dis-ease, blocking emotions, cravings and addictions, old thought patterns and beliefs dissolving and allowing for renewed emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

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