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What is your story?

Everyone and everything has a unique story. The story begins in the very core of our being. It is in every atom, cell, molecule of our bodies. The trees, the land, the towns we live in, our homes, all have an energetic story to tell and I am here to tell it. Why does the story need to be told? My work is not only to tell the story but to heal the stories. Vocal alchemy, which is what I do, is the ability to use ones voice to transform the energy around them using vocal tones, frequencies, vibration and languages. 

In my performances whether working without music or using my computer to blast out beats or working with other musicians, I am using my voice to communicate with everything around me to create magick. This magick is to transform and heal the stories, bodies, minds and spirits of the people and things around me. 


What is Vocal Alchemy?

Vocal Alchemy is the ability to use words, thoughts, sounds and feeling to bring into reality a desired effect or result.

Vocal Alchemy is something that we all use at some point in time or another to effect great change in our lives. It is the mastery of the use of ones words combined with a complete belief in what you are saying. Imagine, when one is completely in alignment with ones thoughts and words, how powerful they will be.


How do I use Vocal Alchemy?

My life's work and passion is to use this skill to change not only my own life for the better, but to assist others in doing so as well. Change your health, change your finances, change your community etc. for the better. I speak life into and over myself, my family, my resources and my community. Primarily I do this by singing. I am able to feel and see the energies of the people I work with to help them heal their stories and assist in creating new stories that turn people into victors and not victims.


Now, more than ever, this skill is needed.  If we are to see ourselves successfully as a species into the future. We've got to change what we sing/speak/think about ourselves collectively. We've got to speak words of life into and over humanity rather than complaining about all that isn't going right with us. We must create our world with a deep inner vision that seeps out into every word, thought, deed and action. 

If you'd like to join me as I progress my own mastery of Vocal Alchemy. Please subscribe to my mailing list so that we can work together! I'd love that. I will be offering classes and workshops as well as performance pieces.