Inner Guidance Healing Arts Studio & Gallery.heic

Welcome to my gallery. My work is a combination of mixed media pieces, acrylic paintings, photography and wood carvings. I create on whatever I feel moved to create on; cardboard, canvas, wood, particle board etc. Each piece I create is an energetic healing energy piece. The intention of my work is that when it is consumed it causes healing to the viewer in whatever area they need the healing. 

Each of these works is for sale and can be purchased.

Contact me for original pieces, prices and availability. 


Prints available here:


Intuitive Art- Healing Paintings

My intuitive paintings are a series that I create more like energy paintings. I channel these works to call in emotional, spiritual and physical healing for the viewers.

Graphic Art

The work I do in my graphic art pieces is similar to my paintings. I like to visualize what I want to create energetically and then allow the images to call themselves into being. Once again bring healing and messages to the viewers.


I have always loved photography. When I see an image that captures my attention seize the moment. 

The Message Series

Many years ago, when I began hearing from spirit I started to write in this strange language. My intuition was that I should create with this language in writing and art. So I did. The message series is a combination of works; photography, paintings, graphic arts and sometimes all three in one piece. I love mixed media creating. Sky's the limit when I work in this realm.